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  • We propose you three programs to visit Costa Rica, learn Spanish and grow as a person, choosing the focus of your preference: business, history or sustainability.
  • Also you can define how long you want to enjoy, by telling us the time you have, or choosing one of our specific duration programs: 1 week, 2 weeks, and the Full South Costa Rica, which gives to the visitors 16 weeks of trips, and class.
  • For the good learning this programs are development with Spanish classes, lectures, and complemented with visits to companies, academic trips, and cultural/tourist tours.

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why Costa Rica is the best country to learn and grow

3 topics according to student’s choice


This program gives you a quick view about Costa Rican economy and development of south region, based on the visit and learning about the local companies such as

  • Coopealianza: one of the top five, finances cooperative company of the country, based in the balance between financial and social needs.
  • COOPEAGRI: One of the most important companies of the Costa Rica´s south, with more than 20 different services such as coffee, sugar production, supermarkets, gas stations, medical services and more.
  • AIRPORRT CITY PROJECT: Is the organization Public-Private in charge to the development of an international airport terminal with the best global standards.
  • PEREZ ZELEDON LOCAL GOVERMENT: in charge of the local city development local projects, taxes, administrative services, civic activities, public buildings, neighbor’s organizations and more.


: This program is a mix of the cultural and historical knowledge, taking you to awesome buildings, and beautiful natural places like

  • COSTA RICA CENTRAL BANK MUSEUM: an extraordinary building located in the heart of Costa Rica´s capital, in charge of manage, preserve, research and disseminate the archeological, visual arts and numismatics collections.
  • COSTA RICA NATIONAL MUSEUM: Historic collection composed by about 33.544 objects, base for several investigations from students and professionals in different areas. Where you will discover the lifestyle of ancient cultures starting 12,000 years B.C. up to the arrival of the Spaniards, 1,500 years A.D.
  • GUAYABO NATIONAL MONUMENT: The largest and most important archaeological site in Costa Rica. It protects archaeological structures influenced by pre-Columbian groups of North and South America. They’re evidence of the development of a native population before they disappeared in 1400 A.D
  • THE PARK OF STONE SPHERES: Declared World Heritage Site by UNESCO in June 2014, where you will see and learn about the pre-Columbian Stones spheres, meaning , meaning and it particularly distribution in the south area of Costa Rica.


Costa Rica owns the 5% of the biodiversity of the world, this program will teach you how we do it, giving you the contact with nature and activities to preserve it with visits to

  • LOS QUETZALES NATIONAL PARK: In a protected high mountain, of the Biological Reserve Cerro Vueltas, with spectacular lands and beautiful birds, covering the grounds and state farms acquired around the reserve.
  • MARINO BALLENA NATIONAL PARK: protects 5,510 hectares of beach, mangrove, lowland rainforest and marine habitats and is named after the Humpback Whales that migrate here each year from December to April to give birth before returning to the frigid waters to the north.
  • QUEBRADAS BIOLOGICAL CENTER (FUDEBIOL): A non-profit organization that protects and conserve the natural resources of the Quebradas River Basin, the aquifer recharge area of the drinking water aqueduct which supplies 100,000 habitants in the city of San Isidro de El General.
  • ECOCHONTALES WATERFALLS: A beautiful waterfall of 63 meters high in free fall, just 32 kilometers south from our university campuses. It´s a family farm with a small touristic business near to the Waterfall

  • More Spanish lessons.
  • Share courses with UISIL´s students.
  • One site visits per week.
  • One student´s activity per week.
  • One-day tour every two weeks.
  • 6. One week break at the midterm of the program, to give the students the opportunity to meet Costa Rica by they own.

Your program includes

Programs available in all levels according to CEFR

  • Spanish learning diagnostic test to determinate the level of your classes.
  • Spanish Lessons, Site Visits and Academic Activities.
  • Group Airport pickup/drop-off ( If the group arrives on the same flight or similar time.)
  • Transportation to site visits and Student´s activities at UISIL.
  • Breakfast are included with the accommodations. houses or a student resident.
  • Payments and tickets for the one day tours stablished in the program.
  • Mixed activities and tours available.

More options for your choose non include in the program

  • Custom made programs available at date and duration that you required.
  • Additional tours: Cerro Chirripó, Nauyaca Waterfalls, Corcovado National Park, Cahuita National Park.

Tours and site visits avalaible

  • Airport City Project
  • Coopeagri
  • Coopealianza
  • Costa Rica Central Bank Museum
  • Costa Rica National Museum
  • Ecochontales Waterfalls
  • Feria del Agricultor
  • Guayabo National Monument
  • Manuel Antonio National Park
  • Marino Ballena National Park
  • Volcan Irazu National Park
  • Hot Springs GEVI
  • Los Quetzales National Park
  • Perez Zeledon Local Goverment
  • Quebradas Biological Center
  • The Jade Museum
  • The Park of Stone Spheres
  • Vista del Valle Canopy
  • Coffee Process Visit
  • Reserva Indigena Visit

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UISIL believes that study abroad is an integral part of a student’s academic experience. That’s why the Global Learning Office is glad to offer programs and services that create a global thinking that educate our future world leaders with culture knowledge, a critical thinking and ecological vision that will impact the world.

UISIL (for its acronym in Spanish) main campus is located in Perez Zeledón; 120 kilometers south from San José, the capital of Costa Rica, close to great interest places like Chirripó National Park (highest peak in Central America with 3820 masl), Manuel Antonio National Park, Marino Ballena National Park, Sphere Park (Humanity Heritage by UNESCO), and other natural reserves that makes us a privileged University for being so close to these places.

With eight campuses throughout Costa Rica, it was accredited in 1997 by CONESUP (Costa Rican accreditation System). We have 22 years of teaching experience and the excellences of our programs are highly recognized in Costa Rica. UISIL is divided into five schools: Business Administration, Educationally Sciences, Notarial Law, Computer Systems Engineering, and Tourism. All our schools have been approved by SINAES (Costa Rican accreditation system) and the Costa Rican National Department of Education.

Our abroad programs promote cross-cultural Learning, nature contact and know how other countries make business thru making experiences with home stay, local business attend, intercultural students contact, Spanish lessons, touristic guided visits with the mayor security environmental in all America.

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Jorge Araya Flores

Global Learning Office Coordinator



Phone: + 506 2262 2638/ +506 22379686.

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